Thursday, August 18, 2011

Revenue sharing

Internet has lot of earning opportunities. This blog provides some genuine information to make money online.One such way is revenue sharing. Sharing the profits between the partners is revenue sharing. Many revenue sharing sites are available to earn money daily. How to earn with revenue sharing? You have to write a content or article and publish it in any of the revenue sharing sites. Some ads are displayed along with your submitted article. The revenue sharing sites will allow you to earn some percentage of the revenue earned from ads.

If you have a blog with Adsense ads, and if you want to promote your blog, just write on Adsense revenue sharing sites. Automatically you will have increase in both back links and Adsense earnings. Also lot of traffic drives to your blog which helps to grow further. This will definitely improve your blog's page rank in search engines. Tips to drive traffic

Not much skill is required to write the article. Write as many articles you can and submit. More articles on revenue sharing site, the more money you can earn.  Submit your articles on regular basis, at least an article per day. Do not copy the content from anywhere; write with your own words.


The main advantage here is just you have to write the content and no need to own or maintain a site. All the sites are free to sign-up and there are hundreds of revenue sharing sites available which are legitimate, paying money regularly. Some of the popular sites are,, etc. If you are a good writer, this job is suitable to make money regularly from home.


  1. For put adsense in web or blogs, articles are submitted on everyday basis. Traffic also increase side by side from each click. Everything for money making purpose.