Thursday, January 10, 2013

Earn money online free through real ways

Earn-money-onlineInternet is governing the world by its tremendous capabilities with huge information. In recent days, the no of people surfing the internet are increased and they are curious to know “how to earn money online free through real ways” at spare time. Yes, it is possible for everyone to earn money online for free without investment. There are numerous ideas and websites available in the internet to make genuine income at appropriate time. Doing the work at your comfort is the major benefit of performing online jobs. Selling products online, Affiliate marketing and blogging are some the famous money making online methods. But here, I used to discuss the simple ways to make money online with less effort and little knowledge. My free online jobs list is continuing here with the explanation of following useful websites.

Earn by surveys:
Many marketing companies get payment from the manufacturing concerns to collect feedback from the users. So these companies are paying money for the people to participate in online surveys. You have to share your opinion to earn money here.
It is a specializing internet firm evaluating various products and services.  People can join for free and share their valid views to earn money. Surveys are simple and no special skills are needed to participate. Free deals, reward mail, referral program and cash contests are also available for the registered members to increase their payout.
It is an online market research company providing opportunity for the people to earn money by taking part in the survey and to test the products and services. You can register here for free and start earning money. Testspin uses for rewards and to manage incentives of the participants. The people can get gift codes from for redemption and if they do not want gifts then it is possible to withdraw the earned money from their Paypal account.
Earn by uploading photos:
If you are interested in taking photographs, this option is suitable for you to earn money online. Marketing and advertising companies are searching stock photos for their business and even people are searching images to use in their own website. Just take some interesting photographs, upload and whenever its get downloaded, you will be getting paid.
It is a great stock photography leader supplying high quality images at fantastic prices. It also offers a collection of free images for the designers. The photographers can sell their images here but it should have more quality and should meet the guidelines to get approval. Once the images are selected and standard, then it is possible to make more money with its huge sales. Joining is free and referral program is also available for the users.
This is a free image hosting service where the people can generate massive income by uploading and sharing images. Join for free and the minimum payout is $2. Earning points with images of any size, conversion of points into cash and dealing the payment daily with four epayment systems are some of the major advantages of the imageporter for the photographers. 

In Online money making, it is necessary to understand the basic concepts of the chosen work to thrive in that and it is impossible to get rich overnight here. Hard work, attention and willingness are required to earn real money online. Stay tuned to know more true websites to earn money at home.


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  2. very interesting article.
    helpful for newbie bloggers.

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    1. Welcome! stay tuned to find more information.

  4. lovely post! Here you should keep your eyes open. Choose the companies very carefully..

    1. Thanks for the reply! It is vital to choose the genuine one to thrive!

  5. you can earn money via uploading tutorials & Psds(photoshop files)

    you can earn money with affilates too

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  7. Nirmala , Good Method and list of sites to earn money. Recently uploaded one of the image in some photosharing site, didnt know about earning money by uploading photo, will surely try out the list, thanks for the list.

  8. I agree with all your views. To be frank, I myselves tried many of the things that you have mentioned earlier. In the end, I found that these are something people should do if they have some bit of extra time. On the other hand, if someone is really interested in learning how to make money, I would definitely suggest, blogging and affiliate marketing as the best way,

  9. Hi Nirmala Madam,
    Nice post and your blog covers more info to earn money online in easy ways. There are many website's which shows wrong path to the new aspirants, such as "Google Pays me $4000 without any work". But any new comer's should not believe that. I would like to have an article on your site about - where users can gain knowledge, help users by providing answers in their expertise and win cash prizes every month. Ther is a job opportunity too. Pleas have a look into the site and please share it with your readers. It will be gem to your readers.
    Musthafa Ullal
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  10. no question these are all real, legit ways to make money however I love income streams the provide me with residual income on a monthly basis.
    Do the work once and get paid over and over and ..........over again. )


    Akos Fintor

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  12. Great post as well as great information about how to earn money from home. Thank you so much.