Monday, October 24, 2011

Make money by doing simple tasks

As I discussed how to earn money from social media sites on my another blog,  am giving some useful sites here to earn money daily from home at spare time. No prior experience needed, work with simple tasks and make genuine income without investment.

1. This is an amazing site to earn money in US dollars. If you have a small service to offer or you are specialized in certain areas like article writing, forum posting, directory submitting, add others link in your blog or website etc, choose this site to work and just-a-fivemake good income with it. Share your job with the world, you will be notified when your job is ordered, and be asked to accept it. Any work, information or tips you know, place it as a gig. If someone needs your service or work, an order will be placed. Accept and complete it within the duration you specified. Deliver it and got paid. Join for free and the payment is very genuine through PayPal.

2. This is a site of Amazon containing individual tasks to make money.
Just search through the Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs) and click on the one that
mturkinterests you. After choosing the task, accept it and work. If the requester accepts your work, you will be paid. Anyone can do, no prior knowledge is needed here. But some guidance may need to perform the tasks. For that, I found a genuine site guiding how to earn huge money with this site. You can learn
1. How to take and do the work
2. How to check and withdraw your earnings.
Your age must be 18 or above to join here. You need to submit the required proofs for age verification.

 The internet has wide opportunities to earn money without investment; so many people are opting for online jobs to make genuine income. There is a big requirement for the online workers to perform the simple tasks. Not much knowledge is required; just some basic education with understanding of computer skills is enough to perform any of the online jobs.


  1. No prior knowledge but more income. Thanks for your guidance and the example site besides.

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