Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Selling products in auction websites is one of the popular way of make money online. Online auction sites give an opportunity for the sellers to make money by advertising and selling the products to the buyers and to earn money with it. The sellers can sell their own products or the chosen goods from the auction website which are in demand to earn income. The main advantage of auction site is that there is no need to have an own website or a knowledge of web design to sell the products. Determining the product to sell online is the beginning step and then decide a good auction site to work. Ebay is the best auction site but it has some disadvantages like strict keyword policy, high competition, listing & other fee and so on. So, here are the best alternatives sites like EBay. 


Best alternatives auction sites for EBay

1. www.ubid.com:
It is a good online marketplace launched in the year 1997 and contains products in more than 25 categories. This site is offering best technology devices and electronic products at discounted offers. Ubid employees worked together to give the best deals on quality products. Also their priority is to provide the best and efficient service for the people.

2. www.ebid.com
It is a good online market place where the sellers have thevariety of features and tools to sell the products. It also offers many options for them to get the most out of their auctions. With a seller account, the members of the ebid can open 5 stores without any extra fees and they can have complete control over their auctions.

3. www.ecrater.com:
This online marketplace as well as the free web store builder was launched in the year 2004. Here the sellers can create the free online store easily. No software is required for the sellers to build and manage the store and they can have the unlimited number of products to sell.


4. www.etsy.com:
This marketplace was started in the year 2005 and its headquarters is in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Its mission is to build a fulfilling and lasting world by maintaining a mindful and humane business. It has over 25 million members, over 850,000 active shops in nearly hundreds of countries. A proper guide is available for the sellers to run a shop with fun and exciting methods.

5. www.ioffer.com:
This online marketplace contains 100 million items for sale with thousands of buyers and sellers. It was launched in the year 2002 and it offers free store without any listing fess. Its daily stats are 3 million searches and 5 million product views with lakhs of online users.

6. www.webstore.com:
This free online market place allows the sellers and buyers to come together without any membership, bidding or selling fees. This site is letting the seller to place their product in more than one category and allows private auctions too. Webstore is a secured website with good help/support to the sellers to earn with it.

7. www.shopgoodwill.com:
It is the first internet auction website created and operated by a non-profit organization in Orange County, USA. Revenues from this auction website fund for Goodwill's education, training and job placement programs for people with disabilities. Its global presence extends to many countries & continents and helps to their community people to overcome the fence of employment.

Overstock, Listia and Bonanza are the some other best online auction sites for the sellers to make money online from home.
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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Earn money on the internet with Twitter account

The words “Earn money on the internet” are getting popular now days among the people.  Unemployment, low economy and thirst to work on the internet make the people to search for online jobs and to make money at home. A recent survey says that the students and homemakers are the leading job seekers to earn money online through real ways at spare time. There are countless ways accessible on the internet to make money on convenient time. Some of the online jobs without investment are also available to generate revenue at home. I discussed some genuine online earning ways previously and now I am adding a little information for my readers to earn income with Twitter account.

Make money with the method “Get paid for tweets”

Most of the online businesses need advertising in social website like Twitter to get succeed. If they have no time to do it or update it, they need the freelancers to handle the twitter updates. Advertisers post the offers and users have the option to accept or reject the offers to tweet. Here the users will be getting paid to tweet the messages from their Twitter account. Once the minimum payout level is reached, the users can withdraw the money earned. Some of the sites that the users can earn revenue from their twitter account are

It is a market place where the celebrities and brands are engaged through twitter conversations. It helps to monetize the twitter account and based on the matching preferences, it supports to find out the advertisers and campaigns. The users should control the tweets & messages and every time for sending the campaign tweet, they will get paid with cash. To earn here, just sign up in twitter page and the minimum payout is $50.

This website created a simple way to make money with the twitter page. Just register here with the twitter account and make money by selling the tweets on the twitter page. Not only selling the tweets, the users can sell text ads supplied by tweets. With the pay4tweet plugin, it is possible to buy the ad space and resell the text ads.   

It is a social media advertising company, early with the name Twtbuck. The internet user with the twitter account can monetize it with Zuvvu. After joining here, the offers are available on the dashboard. Share any of the offers and get paid to click.

Affiliate marketing, sponsored post, direct advertisement and selling the twitter applications are some of the true ways to earn on twitter account. The amount of making money with twitter depends on the advertiser, number of twitter followers of the user and the services/products being supported. Happy earning with Twitter!
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