Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How to make a site or a blog popular?

If your website or blog is getting popular, easily you can make money with it. How to make it?  Here are some tips to follow:

•  Request the visiting people to share their opinions.
•  Introduce an affiliate program.
•  Leave comments on other blogs and write guest posts to get backlinks.
•  Include some useful tools to the visitors.
•  Put your website or blog in social bookmarking sites and online directories.
•  Use good keywords to get good rank in search engines.
•  Don’t copy the contents from other websites, tell the information with your own words.
•  Ask visitors to participate in polls and contests in your site.
•  Add your site or blog to online classifieds in appropriate category.
•  Update your blog with fresh content twice in a week.
•  Participate in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn to share your new post.
•  Make your visitors to revisit by designing the site which is easy accessible.


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  3. i think unique and quality content makes our blog popular ans stand out of the crowd .after write unique content share it on social networking sites .
    Nice article ,thanks for sharing it Nirmala