Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Make Online income with expired domain

Good and genuine way of making online income is by using expired domains. This is possible because some of the website owners stopped maintaining their website due to some unavoidable reasons. So anyone can purchase that type of domain and can make regular income with it. After purchasing,you can add affiliate advertisements, Adsense banners and ads, referral links etc to increase the traffic and can earn money with it.

First decide the theme (should be a popular subject to make money) to put in the site, then make a research about the expired domain related to it.  After getting the expired domain list, choose the domain that has the name related to your chosen theme. But be sure you have to purchase a popular recent expired domain.

Parking expired domain:
After purchased a good expired domain, add a page with important links that people needs in today’s life. If the traffic get increased to your website, easily you can make decent income daily. This is called domain parking where a single active page that enables you to make good income. No need of creating a new website, just you are going to add a page in the purchased domain; this is the main advantage here.

Rebuilding expired domain:
Many of the site owners don’t renew their domain that has high traffic due to some reasons. Select this type of domain, purchase it and rebuild it to earn money. While rebuilding, don’t create the site as same as before. Simply spot the basics that made the previous site (purchased site) successful and  include your own ideas. Put more and relevant information in it and add this domain in online directories with its corresponding category.  Now you are ready to make real and fast money with both preexisting and new traffic with the rebuilt domain.

Flipping expired domain:
Just follow the above specified steps to buy a good expired domain. After buying, increase the traffic of the site by adding ads and important information related to it. Also make the site visible at top of the search engines. Be patient, wait for the best time and finally sell it at good profit. In simple words, buy an expired domain with low price, make it popular with your ideas and sponsor links and sell it at greater price. You can sell it on Ebay. This is domain flipping and anyone can make genuine online income with it.


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